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"Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O Lord, my strength, and my redeemer." Psalm 19:14


"Who Made God, Anyway?"


"Nuggets To Nourish

Your Soul"

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Nuggets To Nourish The Soul
Who Made God Anyway?
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The idea for this book began with a discussion Merriweather had with her teenage grandsons, following their Bible lesson one day. They seemed satisfied with answers to their questions, but then one hesitantly asked, "Who made God, anyway?" And, with that, he allowed her entrance into a portal most adults seldom get to enter- his inner spiritual realm.

Over time, that question led to others, spiritual and secular, from teens and from other Christian sources. Merriweather promised that the answer to every question could be found in God's infallible Word, the Holy Bible. This book will verify that belief. Thus, with that premise, that belief, we have the makings of a science experiment, to some extent.

From where will you get answers to your questions? Will you trust the worldview with its ever-changing, evasive answers or God's view and His unchanging biblical Truth? 


Portia Turner Merriweather has used her skills as a teacher to write another resource for Christians, this time especially for teens. Her first book Nuggets to Nourish Your Soul was written for both new and mature Christians. Portia and her husband Anthony have a combined family of five grown children and fifteen grandchildren and share homes in Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia

With many decades as a Sunday School teacher and seminary student, thirty-eight years as a teacher of both middle and high schoolers in city and county public schools, plus 16 years as a grandmother, Portia Turner Merriweather feels prepared, positioned, and privileged for the mission of training young people to seek biblical answers to all their questions. 


Can a Christian teen find Biblical answers to the challenging questions of daily life? Merriweather believes that the answer to every question can be found in the Holy Bible. Thus, with that premise, that belief, she hopes this book will validate her position. 

 Yes, Who Made God provides Scripture and easy-to-apply explanations to help encourage godly decisions. 


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Book Reviews


& Uplifting"

"Nuggets To Nourish Your Soul" is the perfect gift for the new believer in Christ. It has really helped me to understand God's plan for my life. Portia Merriweather's writings are encouraging, uplifting, and filled with God's love in every word."

Woman Reading a Book

"Profound Offering"

"This is a profound offering from Turner-. Merriweather. An abundance of interesting as well as thought-provoking questions from teenagers and the biblical answers (Chapter and Verse) provided by Merriweather. In addition to answers, there are explanations shared that give readers more spiritual food for thought on their spiritual journeys.
What a wonderful offering for individuals of all ages but particularly teens. I am eternally grateful for this offering which is a must-read."  

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